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LW offers a complete solutions portfolio able to optimize the entire water and process cycle, reduce operating and maintenance costs and minimize chemicals consumption.
We offer the most innovative solutions for water and process applications having a wide and complete portfolio of technologies which includes:


Chemical Solutions

LW develops and commercializes corrosion inhibitors, antiscalants, antifoulants, demulsifiers, biocides, antifoam and flocculants, technologies to help customers in creating new and improved solutions for today ensuring a sustainable environment for tomorrow.


Physical Solutions

LW has concluded long terms exclusive agreement with an OEM partner, thanks to this LW is able to provide  physical solutions for treating  sea water, brackish water, well water, surface water and secondary waste water utilizing membrane separation technologies (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis). Combining the physical solution with chemical conditioning, LW helps its customers in producing high quality drinking water and desalinated pure water for industrial and agricultural purposes.


Tailor Made Solutions

On request LW can provide tailor made solutions for water and process application.